Review: Awesome Photo FX has numerous tools, but suffers from performance issues

Drag and drop photos, text, stickers, and more onto a photo canvas.

Awesome Photo FX is unique from other photo editing and creation tools because it allows you to drag and drop elements from a menu bar at the top of the screen onto your canvas; but there are some issues. The app loads photo libraries rather slowly and there are no tools for editing or combining elements any more than they already are when dragged around the canvas. The result is somewhat muddled as a result.

The first step when opening the app should be to create a canvas. You can drag and drop your finger to select the size of your canvas and then anything you tap afterward will be added to the top-left corner of the canvas. There is an option to change the color and style of that canvas, as well. From there, tap any of the other options to open a new menu for photos, stickers, text, and more and add them to the screen. You can drag things around to set them onscreen, as well. This all works well, but it never quite blends because of a lack of editing tools, and the photo libraries load very slowly, which can be frustrating. Everything else is a good speed, but the interface is clunky -- taking up large parts of the screen and not always working when you tap a button right away.

Awesome Photo FX is a good idea that doesn't quite live up to its potential. This is a free app so it's worth a try if you want to experience something new in photo editing; but otherwise, you should aim for another faster, easier-to-use photo editor and collage creator.

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