Review: TabKeys for Mac lets you create Safari hot keys with ease

Access Safari features through keyboard shortcuts with this small but intuitive application.

TabKeys for Mac enhances your Web-browsing experience by allowing you access to Safari features through hot keys. Not only is it easy to use, but it also comes with a powerful one-click menu and impressive features. If you use Safari a lot, this extension is definitely worth installing.

After installing TabKeys for Mac you can access the extension through the button that appears to the left of Safari's URL field. Click the button and you get access to a basic but very functional menu that lets you set hot keys for navigating tabs and moving between Web pages, change default settings for tab positions when they are opened, and even assign hot keys for individual Web pages without any apparent limitation. You can even select sites that are "blacklisted" from the hot key functions. All these options make this extension a worthy companion to Safari. During our tests, the hot keys entered responded quickly, and the tab presets also functioned as intended.

TabKeys for Mac works as expected and can improve your Web-browsing experience on a Mac. If you prefer to use keyboard commands to clicks for navigating the Web with Safari, you'll love the functionality of this extension. It's small, but it packs a lot. Happy browsing!

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