Review: Pyramid Tease for Mac challenges you to remove opponents' tees by jumping them

Improve your thinking skills and have loads of fun with this entertaining tee jumping game.

Pyramid Tease for Mac enables you to play the digital version of the classic 15-peg tee-jumping triangle board game that originally used golf tees and a wooden board. Featuring exciting gameplay and a High Scores table, it's super fun for gamers of all ages, whether they are familiar with the classic version or not. It's definitely worth trying out.

Pyramid Tease for Mac greets you with an interface laid out in the triangular configuration of the traditional game on which it is based. You have to take out all tees except one by jumping them, in a style similar to checkers. The gameplay is smooth and engrossing -- the trial and error nature of the game can arrest your attention for hours -- and the presence of a High Scores table in the main application interface makes everything more exciting. Unfortunately, the game suffers from lackluster graphics and misses an online competitive mode.

While it lacks handsome graphics and a multiplayer mode, Pyramid Tease for Mac still offers an entertaining gaming experience. If you enjoy classic tee jumping games or would just like a new challenge to puzzle over, you should grab this game. It will save you the trouble of keeping up with your score and game pieces.

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