Review: JustResizeIt Free for Mac resizes images quickly and easily

Resize images with ease using default or custom-made widgets, accessible through your Mac dashboard.

JustResizeIt Free for Mac allows you to quickly resize large images using default or custom-made widgets. Lightweight and speedy, this application is more accessible than traditional image resizing apps because of the ingenious way in which it uses widgets. It's an excellent choice for any Mac user, but especially for photographers and graphic designers.

The installation of JustResizeIt Free for Mac requires the installation of Adobe AIR. If you don't have this runtime system already, the installation might take a while. Once you have the runtime and the app up and running, you are ready to start resizing your images. The application allows you to drag and drop your photos into widgets that can resize large images to the specified size and quality or to the predefined percent of their original size. This approach to resizing is much more convenient than importing and exporting images using a conventional image converter. But the true power of the app is the ability to create and define the appearance of custom widgets, making them easily distinguishable from defaults. We tested the app, resizing a 2.4MB JPEG photo with dimensions of 2448 X 3264 pixels; the app completed the resizing quickly, maintaining the quality of the image and not distorting it in any way.

If you want a more convenient way to resize photos without the hassle of having to open up bulky photo editors, JustResizeIt Free for Mac will impress you. With its intuitive resizing widgets, practical interface, and advanced resizing options, this app stands out from other similar tools. Download it and you'll fall in love.

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