Review: iPhone / iPod Touch Backup Extractor for Mac eases the viewing of iOS backups in OS X

Extract detailed iPhone and iPod Touch backup information using this accessible application.

iPhone / iPod Touch Backup Extractor for Mac converts iOS device backups created by iTunes into Mac OS X files that are easy to access and use. The app can retrieve detailed information stored in backups, making it a useful tool for developers investigating bugs or for users trying to decode SMS messages, notes, or call histories from SQLite database files. Even though it's quite basic, the app does a good job.

iPhone / iPod Touch Backup Extractor quickly detects iPhone and iPad Touch devices that have been backed up by iTunes and lets you extract all information contained within the backup logs. You can extract cookies, preferences, and even Google Analytics data, if you want. The extraction is fast and yields relatively small files that are easy to view using a text editor. The interface is super basic, but the app compensates with its good performance.

If you use multiple devices to connect to iTunes and would like a free solution to view and extract detailed backup information, then iPhone / iPod Touch Backup Extractor is a good choice.

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