Review: FinderMinder for Mac lets you customize Finder windows

Customize the desktop location and size of your Finder windows using FinderMinder for Mac.

FinderMinder for Mac enables you to change the position and behavior of Finder windows in Mac OS X, possibly improving your desktop experience. While functional, the app is hindered by a clunky interface that makes it hard to determine where the Finder window will actually appear on the screen. Don't expect too much in terms of features, either.

FinderMinder for Mac doesn't take long to download and install. You are greeted by a rather basic interface through which you can resize your Finder windows by inputting the desired width and height. You can also reposition your Finder windows to appear in the center of the screen -- or specify the exact position. We tried resizing our Finder windows as well as setting different positioning and the app responded well. However, even though the app performs well, you would probably want to have a preview of how your window will appear with the new settings, which means that you will likely have to go through a lot of trial and error to get the positioning right.

Despite the lack of a preview option, FinderMinder for Mac does enhance your desktop, at least a little. If you'd like more control over the appearance and positioning of your Finder windows, this app is certainly for you. Download it and enjoy it, but arm yourself with patience.

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