Review: Speed up your learning with Auto Flash for Mac

Aid your memory and learn any subject by creating customizable flash cards using Auto Flash for Mac.

Auto Flash for Mac offers a quick and easy way to learn any subject by creating your own flash cards. If you are in school or just want a convenient way to study with flash cards using your computer, then this application will do the job.

If you're one of those people who learn best by using flash cards, you probably want them on your computer without the need to scan your own. Auto Flash for Mac lets you input any information that you want to learn into a table and displays the information at a preset speed. You can set onscreen display time from one to ten seconds using a slider, as well as set the duration between part A and part B from five to 30 seconds. Additionally, you can set the text display color, which gives you many options for contrast. The only disappointment was the limited choice of fonts, as you are only able to use one font in three different sizes.

Even though Auto Flash for Mac doesn't translate into a completely visually appealing experience, the application does offer a useable way to learn any subject without having to worry about keeping up with bits of paper.

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