Review: 3D-XplorMath for Mac allows experimenting with mathematical objects/concepts

Visualize and explore over 250 mathematical concepts in an appealing environment using 3D-XplorMath for Mac.

3D-XplorMath for Mac allows you to visualize over 250 different mathematical objects, giving you a new way to understand advanced concepts.

3D-XplorMath for Mac gives you a wonderful working environment in which you can render and display mathematical objects quickly for your study. You get started by selecting the mathematical surface you would like to explore from. Your selection is quickly drawn by the application and displayed in the main window. You can drag the object with your mouse to display the object's details from every angle, which gives you unique views and the ability to manipulate the object in a real-time, 3D environment. Additional information about the object, such as its mathematical formula and equation examples, is just a click away in the Menu Bar. We found many interesting options when drawing and displaying our object. We were able to set focal length, change lighting settings, and even choose one of the many animation options to study our chosen object in even more detail. Rotating 3D objects to any orientation is easy, too; all you need to do is drag an object with the mouse, and after you release the mouse button, it will continue to spin about the same axis. We especially liked the ability to export surface animations.

If you are looking for an engaging way to visualize and manipulate mathematical objects, then you should really consider 3D-XplorMath for Mac. Its top-notch performance and many display features make it a great solution for both math students and teachers, as well as for anyone with a curiosity about math.

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