Review: Funny Messenger, Chat Emoticons, Emoji, LINE Sticker provides 40 drawings

Send, favorite, or share any of the 40 emoji drawings in this app.

Funny Messenger, Chat Emoticons, Emoji, LINE Sticker is essentially a photo gallery of 40 emoji drawings with few added functions. You can favorite any of the emoji, but because there are only 40 of them, there is little reason to do so. The main function of the app then is to copy and paste these specific drawings into messages.

The app opens directly to the home screen where you will find 40 images of a little blue mascot in a number of poses. The range here is actually quite impressive and they all look very good. The artist has talent at expressing emotion in a fun, lighthearted way and the result is a range of images you can use in your text messages and e-mails with a couple of quick taps. The app doesn't do much else, though. There is a favorites menu and you can share any of the images with a single tap; but there are no other libraries, no upgrade options, no settings, and no customization options.

If you like the images in this app, you're going to like the app because it allows you to copy and paste any of them into your messaging apps and e-mails. If you don't or if you want more variety and more options for how to use these emoji, the app does not offer it. This is a free app, as well, so you'll have to navigate around ad bars on the screen. They're rarely in the way, but they are there.

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