Review: Free My Apps is a Web-based app directory with rewards for trying new apps

Download free apps to try and earn points toward gift cards from major providers.

Free My Apps is not an actual app -- rather it loads in your Web browser and directs you to download certain apps to your device that you can earn points for trying. It's similar in a lot of ways to survey and shopping sites that have been popular on desktops for two decades; and for those that enjoy testing new apps anyway, it's an easy way to earn free gift cards for iTunes or Amazon.

To get started, just visit and follow the instructions. Despite the complex-sounding nature of the service, it takes only a minute or so for setup. You can then start downloading apps and testing them on your device. The list of point-providing apps is not large, but the points can add up fast and they fairly quickly start building toward gift cards from providers like iTunes and Amazon. The interface is straightforward; it always directs you to the app you'll need to use and it can track how long you use it (most require 30 seconds to verify).

If you enjoy downloading new free apps to test or if you are interested in an easy way to earn points toward gift cards while watching TV or on the bus, check out Free My Apps. It's easy to use, offers a range of options to earn points, and it rewards you for surfing the App Store -- something you were probably already doing.

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