Review: Face Booth Bash does almost nothing because of feature locks and bugs

Attempt to edit faces and add mustaches or beards in this bug-filled app.

Face Booth Bash is meant to allow users to add mustaches and beards to faces. But the app, itself, has locked all available editing features, and is filled with bugs that make using the app essentially impossible. As a result, there is very little here to actually use and not nearly enough to convince anyone to make the upgrade.

Photo editing software, especially those that allow humorous edits -- like mustaches -- are fairly popular. But Face Booth Bash is unlikely to gain much traction. There are only nine mustaches "included" with the Face Booth Bash, and they are all locked, making it impossible to utilize the app. After uploading a photo for the first time the game provides instructions for use, but the instructions -- as well as multiple buttons on the app -- are filled with bugs, causing crashes, freezing, and requesting that the user log in to iTunes at random. The app also requests push notifications, despite no features that would require notifications. Whether the accompanying features would work well in the app with some work remains to be seen, but in its current iteration, there are numerous issues.

Face Booth Bash has limited functionality by default, offering only the ability to add facial hair to faces. But since the software does not even provide those mustaches, the app has no purpose other than to hope to make a few cents through the liberal use of advertising. There are other better and more feature-loaded apps out there to choose from, so avoid this one.

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