Review: EverMemo is neat and easy to use but imperfect in execution

Lack of instructions, multilingual sharing, and no filtering options make this iOS app less valuable than alternatives.

EverMemo is a note-taking app that allows you to keep notes to yourself or share them with others from around the world. Unfortunately, EverMemo just doesn't have enough features or a large enough user base to make it competitive against some of the other note-taking apps available.

EverMemo has no instructions upon opening the app for the first time, and no explanation of features. It has two options. The home page allows you to quickly take notes by pressing on a square with a "+" inside. Notes are limited to text, although EverMemo does have a calculator available for quick math. When you open the app, EverMemo goes straight to the memo page so that you can type a note quickly. That is a nice feature. EverMemo also has a section titled "Mocha." Mocha is a note-sharing section, for those that want to make their notes public. As of this writing, public notes are infrequent and written in Chinese with no language filtering option, so there isn't yet much value in this sharing feature. It is also occasionally difficult to post into Mocha. Out of three tries, one note never posted, one posted immediately, and one required several repeat button clicks.

EverMemo has charm and a clean interface. What Mocha doesn't answer is "why," as in why someone should use this app instead of others. With the lack of instructions, lack of interesting features, and limited value of Mocha, this app isn't yet something that most need to download.

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