Review: Digg provides a fun, interesting news source

Surprises abound in this basic, clean way to stay updated on interesting news.

Digg is a clean and streamlined source for news articles, images, and videos that are trending every day. The Digg app successfully uses social signals to discover worthwhile news and articles, and shares them in an easy-to-read format, allowing you to access all of the major news of the day in seconds.

Digg is not a complicated news app, but it may be a valuable one. It gathers articles and information from Digg shares, social signals, and more to list off relevant news, along with viral articles, art, images, and video. While you have the option of following different major news sources, Digg automatically chooses top news for you. You do not need to provide any information or share any details about your preferences, although Digg does allow you to connect with your social media if you want to connect with Digg online. You can even pick up where you left off. The software could benefit from ranking and preferences in order to tailor the app more to your needs, but otherwise it provides a valuable resource with little knowledge required to operate the clean interface it provides.

Digg, itself, used to be a popular form of social media that allowed users to share news stories. Now it acts as a news aggregator, and the app is another way to continue reading the news wherever you go. While you may not open it every day, it is an app worth downloading.

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