Review: Cut and Paste crops photos onto stock image backgrounds

This free app provides basic image editing to place your face or image on stock photography.

Cut and Paste is a free photo editing app for iOS that allows the user to crop out the subject of any photo, usually a person, and place them on a stock photography background. Cut and Paste has a few glitches, is difficult to master, and has too many advertisements, but may still satisfy a few user urges.

While Cut and Paste is free, it only comes with animal backgrounds, which limits the functionality of the app right away. It also triggers an advertisement after every few editing stages, and the advertisements take up the whole screen, pop up suddenly, and have an insensitive "X" button causing them to be clicked accidentally fairly frequently. The app involves taking a photo, almost always of a person, and drawing a line around the part that you'd like cropped with your finger. You can then rotate the image and place it on one of the few backgrounds that Cut and Paste Free provides. One potentially helpful tool is the magnifying glass that makes drawing lines around the subject easier; but even with that feature the tool is neither intuitive nor easy to use, and minor errors require the entire subject to be outlined again. There are also a few bugs that cause the app to crash and close, including one that occurs when you trace your finger off the page.

Cut and Paste is neither easy enough for the casual iOS camera user, nor valuable enough for the more skilled iOS photographer, and because of the bugs and ads it is an unlikely choice for most image editing enthusiasts.

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