Review: Colory's Little Red Riding Hood is an online coloring book for kids

Color in Little Red Riding Hood pictures in this free children's app.

Colory's Little Red Riding Hood app is a free iOS coloring book with line drawings of Red Riding Hood characters. It is likely to amuse children for a few minutes, possibly a few hours if they're passionate about coloring, but the app isn't intuitive enough for most young children and too elementary for older children.

There are 16 different line drawings that you can color in with the paintbrush palate. There are many colors to choose from, and the game gives you the option of selecting more colors from a color palette, but there isn't a way to create subtle variations in shades. Blocks of color are filled in when drawing and dropping the paintbrush onto the area you want colored in. It is not possible to color outside of the lines as all color is filled in, automatically. If you miss your spot at all, you may accidentally recolor an area you completed. Because there is no zoom option and some of the components of the line art are small, missing spots is fairly common, even for adults. Young children are going to find that they struggle to avoid mistakes. Once you're done, however, you can save and move on to the next piece, and the page you colored will remain colored and visible on the page selection layout.

Because Colory's Little Red Riding Hood app is free, it's easy to see why some parents may find it an attractive choice for a quick game to satisfy a young child. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that younger children will find coloring in the drawing easy and older children are unlikely to be intrigued with the basic methodology. Colory's Little Red Riding Hood will work best as a filler app for a parent without any other option on hand.

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