Review: Candy Booth Make Over creates clown-themed photo edits on your device

Customize photos to look like clowns in this uneven iOS app.

Candy Booth is a clown-themed face image editing platform with a number of issues that keep it from being a particularly useful app. Candy Booth is a free download that is ad supported, but has a significant shortage of features, a poor user interface, and limited paid options that are not worth the price.

Candy Booth is colorful, and the features you can add to faces (multicolored lips, hair, and so on) do indeed make faces look silly. But it is sorely lacking in features and functionality. There are only 16 total features you can add to any face, most of which are lips, and the features, themselves, are static colors. You can buy groups of eight more images, but each group costs $0.99 and includes mostly lips and accessories. There are only three additional groups to buy. When you use the app for the first time, there are no instructions. The resizing and movement features of Candy Booth are difficult to work with, often switching between features based on where you move your finger. This makes the interface cumbersome to the point of frustration -- a major issue for an app that is supposed to be a fun diversion.

While Candy Booth does have the benefit of color, and the "dress up" features you can place on a person's face can make the image bright and humorous, the serious lack of features, messy interface, and subpar performance make this a forgettable app for iOS users.

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