Review: Amazing Photo Water Effect Photo edits reflections in your images

This is a complex app with a basic purpose -- to create the appearance of a reflection in your photos.

Amazing Photo Water Effect is an editing app that creates a faded mirror image with any photo on your photo stream to give the impression that it is reflecting off water. The app actually has many different features for those that enjoy editing images, but with a lack of instructions, photo saving issues, and the "reflections" requirement, those extra features are rendered near-useless, and the app, itself, has limited use for iPhone photographers.

The Amazing Photo Water Effect app is much like other photo editing apps with features that include image sharpening, filters, meme creation, and more. But those features are all due to an add-on developer tool called Aviary, which is found in tons of other photo editing apps. APWE only creates a reflection, and the reflection, itself, is rarely useable, as most photos do not appear to be "watered" when the reflection is added. There are no instructions for either APWE or the Aviary photo editing tool, so novice users are likely to find the app difficult. Also, when users do not provide access to their photo stream, the image doesn't save onto the phone. Yet the app claims that it has saved, so those that close the app may lose the image and their edits.

Overall, Amazing Photo Water Effect could be useful for those that take skilled outdoor photos that would benefit from a "water effect," but even then the app is limited and the functionality is lacking. It may be more valuable to just learn how to create the effect, yourself, in another program that is more intuitive and provides better instructions.

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