Review: All Converters is a useful app but hindered by advertisements

This quick conversion calculator makes conversion easy but suffers from overuse of ads.

All Converters is a free app that quickly converts weight, temperature, currency, data storage, and more with only a few clicks. Unfortunately, this free ad-supported app also has some of the most irritating advertising out there, in a way that makes the app extremely difficult to use cleanly.

While there are no instructions for "All Converters," this basic conversion app is easy to use. The app converts between two different types of measurement systems. For example, you can convert feet to meters, bytes to terabytes, liters to pints, and even dollars to pesos, all by selecting what you want to convert and inputting a number. Unfortunately, every five to ten seconds, an advertisement pops up that is too easy to click on accident, forcing you to click "No" multiple times as you try to convert a single number. Sometimes two ads pop up at once, causing you to click "No" twice. There are several surprise pop-ups, all of which interrupt your conversions without warning and often result in accidental ad clicks. All Converters also suffers from space issues and often calculations and units of measurement do not fit onscreen, without any way to select them or adjust the window.

All Converters could be useful, especially with the currency option for those that are traveling or the unit conversions for those that work in the sciences. But the advertising greatly takes away from the user experience to a significant degree. This may be one of the few apps that would have been more useful if it were a paid app with no advertisements; but when you combine the ads with the space issues, there are likely better options out there.

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