Review: 100+ Baby Games is a problem-riddled app for children

Run through one of a few dozen baby games that offer minimal value for parents.

100+ Baby Games is a guide for new parents trying to figure out how to play with their baby. While the title gives the impression that the app will provide the technological babysitter that parents need to get a break from peekaboo, the app, itself, is nothing more than instructions for "games" that are rarely games at all and require a $1.99 upgrade to activate.

Opening the app makes it look like there is some potential. It has games for babies of all ages -- zero months old to three years old. That's where the potential ends. When you click on any age group, you're provided with only one free "game," and that game is instructions to do what amounts to the most common of common sense. For the three year old, for example, the free "game" is "dance til you drop." The instructions? Dance with your child, because children love dancing. If you like that game, you can purchase more for $2. While the app is laid out in a way that makes accessing these "games" easy, there just isn't much here to work with and the pricing is excessive.

While it's possible that there is some advice that may spark that "aha" moment in a parent, where they realize they can do something they hadn't really considered before, there is very little in the app that makes it worth a free download, let alone a $1.99 "unlock" feature. You're better off skipping it completely.

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