Review: Speccy Portable gives you incredible details about any hardware

Find out what's inside any computer you use with the help of Speccy Portable.

Speccy Portable gives you an incredibly detailed view of your drives, processor, and more. It packs all of the great information you'd get from the full version of the program in a package you can take with you wherever you go. It will tell you everything you need to know to troubleshoot or clock any computer you use.

This is a portable program, so it may set off overactive antivirus software, but we had no issues. Speccy gives you information on all of your computer's specs. It includes data about your computer's processor, memory, hard drives, audio, and more. The details range from basics like how many cores your processor has to specifics like make, model, and date manufactured in some cases. All of this information comes in a stylish package, organized in categories that make sense. It only took Speccy Portable about five seconds to completely scan our test computer.

Fans of the original will be more than happy with this portable version. It doesn't squelch on features and delivers the performance you'd expect from one of the most popular drive analyzers around. Speccy Portable is an excellent addition to any toolbox, especially if you're constantly troubleshooting your friends' computers -- or have multiple computers, yourself.

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