Review: Lockmydrive FreeLocker gives you a secure file locker without much fuss

Put your files under a powerful lock and key in a matter of seconds using Lockmydrive FreeLocker.

Lockmydrive FreeLocker is a basic yet powerful file locker that protects any and all of your drives from intruders. It offers two different encryption styles and is ready to go in a matter of seconds. That makes it one of the best file lockers you can find for Windows.

This is technically a portable program, but it requires some setup on your main computer first. After that, you can drag the executable file on any drive you like. It will lock down the drive in about two seconds, no matter how many files are on it. Anyone who tries to break in has to enter the password or deal with not seeing anything on the drive whatsoever. Lockmydrive FreeLocker gives you two modes of encryption -- "Strong" and "Fast" -- but they aren't labeled with a specific encryption style, so it's tough to know what makes them different. The program tacks on an extra 2GB of storage, which is a nice add-on. It doesn't compete with dedicated online storage options, but it's hard to complain about extra free storage.

There's a lot to like about this program, for sure. It locks your drive quickly and effectively and gives you a couple of neat add-ons that you'll like. If you're concerned about your file's security, Lockmydrive FreeLocker is a great download, especially if you've got a USB drive full of sensitive data.

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