Review: Keylogger Free gives you detailed reports, but it doesn't hide itself well

Find out everything someone has typed with this handy keylogger for Windows.

Keylogger Free is great for monitoring keystrokes, but its stealth mode isn't all it's cracked up to be. Anyone with a little computer know-how would be able to find this program hiding on their computer. That kills a lot of the program's effectiveness.

Keylogger Free includes a couple browser hijackers that come attached to the install. Make sure you avoid them if you don't want them taking over your home page and search, and installing a browser toolbar. In addition to monitoring everything a person types while using a PC, this program can tell you where they typed it and what programs they were in, even if they didn't type anything. It saves a new log every minute, but you can change it to save as often as you like. You can easily start the invisible monitoring with just the click of a button and make the app visible once again using the predefined hot key. Even though the program did disappear and appeared once we pressed the preset key combination, it didn't disappear completely and was still visible in our program menu and in our task manager, listed as "Keylogger Free." There seems to be no apparent way to make it appear as a more inconspicuous program. Still, the keylogging portion of the program works really well.

Keylogger Free is easy to set up and use and could be useful for worried parents who would like to monitor their young children's online activities.

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