Review: Fast Shutdown shuts your computer down in seconds

Skip the endless prompts and shut down your computer in seconds using Fast Shutdown.

Fast Shutdown delivers on its promise to shut your computer down in a matter of seconds. It lets you avoid the countless prompts that usually come with rebooting or closing your computer. It isn't exactly clear how it works its magic, but it does the job and doesn't wreck your computer in the process.

There are a few add-on programs attached to this program's install, so make sure you opt out of them if you want to keep your browser's settings intact. As far as interfaces go, Fast Shutdown gives you one of the most minimalist designs you can imagine. It's just a user prompt with a few buttons that let you instantly shut down or restart your computer. When you select either, it's almost as if the power is ripped from your computer, instantly. When you turn your computer on the next time, you won't get that vague error message that "Windows did not shut down correctly," which is a pleasant surprise. If you choose instant reboot, your computer won't boot any faster when it comes back up, of course.

Save for the questionable programs on the install, there aren't any hang ups to using this program. It's super light and works exactly like you might expect it to. Fast Shutdown is an awesome utility for anyone who has an older computer that takes forever to turn itself off. Don't forget to save your work before you click that magic button, though!

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