Review: Android Video Converter Box is good for resizing videos

Resize your video files so they fit perfectly on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Android Video Converter Box offers plenty of resolutions for your video files, but it doesn't offer any unique format support. The program works in a pinch, but it doesn't exceed the features of most video converters.

Android Video Converter Box forces you into a step-by-step system for converting your videos so you can't make any mistakes. You choose your video, select the resolution, and then the app goes to work converting it to the size you want. The application can't change the format of the video, so you'll need a video that already works with your Android gadget or a separate converter to make the video a different format. You can change where the video saves to, though. That means you can save the new video right to your gadget so you don't have to pull it over later. The app took about four minutes to convert a two-minute video clip, so you might want to have something else to work on while your videos convert, especially if they are longer. The app gives you a list of gadgets, which it works with and their appropriate resolutions, but we tested it on a device that wasn't officially supported -- and had no problems.

When you're installing the app, it tries to sneak in four different junk downloads on several occasions. The app works well enough if you get past those, but it would be nice if it could change a video's format, too. Instead, the app limits you by only letting you resize a video. Android Video Converter Box takes the guesswork out of video converting, but it doesn't do enough to beat other converters.

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