Review: Scan the Windows Registry for errors with Advanced Registry Care Free

Clean up errors in your Registry with lightning-fast performance, using Advanced Registry Care Free.

Advanced Registry Care Free is one of the fastest registry cleaners you can try, but its free version doesn't performs deep scans. It actually failed to completely clean errors in the Registry, even after multiple attempts.

Advanced Registry Care Free comes with two add-on programs that will take over your browser if you let them through during the install. They're relatively easy to avoid, though. Using the program is just as easy. In only two clicks, the program was able to scan and fix hundreds of Registry problems -- 996 to be exact. Though it claimed to fix them all after the first try, a new scan revealed 523 that were left behind. Each scan shrank the number a little, but it took six separate scans to solve every problem. Advanced Registry Care Free can defragment your Registry to create bonus space and perform a backup in case you lose anything important in the cleaning process. However, the backup is in a special file format, so it can only be restored from inside the program.

Advanced Registry Care Free runs fast, but it sacrifices accuracy. If you don't mind a program that focuses on giving you a quick clean instead of a complete clean, you might enjoy the free version of this Registry cleaner. It gives you just enough of a speed boost and advanced features to stand up to some of the top-shelf programs on the market. However, if you want to enjoy features such as a quick defrag mode, quick backup mode, and deep scans, then you should consider upgrading to the Pro version.

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