Review: Convert images into ICO icon files with Free Ico Converter

Make icons out of your pictures with help from this free ICO image converter.

If we told you that Tomatosoft's Free Ico Converter converts image files like JPEGs into ICO files, would you think that was cool? Suppose we said Free Ico Converter lets you convert images into an icon you can use in Windows? We thought that would get your attention! ICO is the Windows icon file format. Free Ico Converter converts JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs, or BMPs that are 256x256 pixels or smaller into ICOs. It doesn't install new icons in Windows; rather it creates the image files you need to replace existing icons or use in new applications. We ran Free Ico Converter v1.4 in 64-bit Windows 7.

Free Ico Converter's download included numerous additional apps (they pay the bills), which we declined due to test restrictions, though one includes a tree donation for gentle persuasion. Free Ico Converter is streamlined, which translates into fast and easy to use. We could add files by dragging and dropping or by browsing with Select File(s) or Batch Mode buttons. Multiple files can be packed into one ICO file, too. There's one option, Always on Top. Free Ico Converter's 256x256 pixel limit can be a bit of a pain since you can't tell image dimensions by file size. In the end we had to resize images just to avoid the program's error messages. But Free Ico Converter did finally convert a 35KB JPEG into a 56KB ICO.

Free Ico Converter is a fairly specialized tool that works fast but requires some preparation, especially for batch processing. We wish it handled larger images or let you select portions (maybe with a preset tool), but then resizing images is the easy part. Converting them into icon images is Free Ico Converter's job.

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