Review: Wake to your favorite tunes with Free Easy Alarm Clock

Create custom alarms playing your own tunes on your PC with this Windows freeware.

Wake to your favorite tunes with Free Easy Alarm Clock. It doesn't sound an alarm but instead plays your sound clips. Nothing's stopping you from using an alarm sound, but tunes are better; like a clock radio, only without risking the DJ's taste in music. Of course, sometimes you need to be blasted out of bed, but Free Easy Alarm Clock lets you schedule as many alarms (and tunes) as necessary. Let's say you need a little heavy metal help with Mondays. Just set Free Easy Alarm Clock to play the tune that does the job before you go to bed: Remember, you asked for it!

Free Easy Alarm Clock's System Tray icon closes the app and restores its compact user interface, which is divided into three, easy steps for creating custom alarms: 1) Select Alarm Type; 2) Select the file to play; and 3) Add alarm. That's all you need to do: Free Easy Alarm Clock will sound all your alarms on schedule, unless you remove them from the alarm list window. Hovering the cursor over the program's tray icon displays the number of active alarms. After selecting an alarm type, we clicked "Browse Song" and selected an audio clip. Free and Easy Alarm Clock uses your default media player to play clips, so any of your tunes will do. We tried all three alarm types: One Time, Daily, and Weekly. The Daily alarm is a one-time, 24-hour clock setting, but it's easy to create different alarms for any day of the week. Just click "Daily," set the hour, click "Weekly," select the day or days, and then click "Add Alarm." Clicking "Test" verifies your alarm and volume settings.

Of course, the downside is your PC must be running (or set to wake itself before it's supposed to wake you!) for Free Easy Alarm Clock to work and near enough to hear to be effective. But road warriors with crazy schedules and always-on laptops could learn to love Free Easy Alarm Clock.

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