Review: Capture and save any text with ClipTrap's clipboard enhancements.

Capture any text with this uniquely useful clipboard freeware.

Skwire Empire's ClipTrap is a free and portable clipboard utility with special appeal for programmers, engineers, or anyone who relies on text files. ClipTrap's developer wanted to capture data from a range of sources on a terminal emulator, so ClipTrap monitors the clipboard and copies any text to its window to be saved, appended, or discarded. ClipTrap can be customized with delimiters and various options, and you can search saved clips from the interface.

ClipTrap's user interface is small and plain but nicely rendered -- just how we like it. We could turn ClipTrap's clipboard monitoring on and off from the toolbar as well as Save and Append text and search, scroll, and pin the program. Large buttons let us clear the clipboard, copy text, or clear the window with a click. We clicked the "Options" tab and enabled Word Wrap, which clears up the view when lines aren't critical. In addition to basic program settings, ClipTrap has other useful options, such as Fonts, archival options, timestamp tokens, and a field for entering delimiters. Clicking "Help" opened a Web-based FormatTime page.

ClipTrap is easy to use. The Clips window was empty, but that's because our clipboard was empty, too, so step one was to copy some text, which immediately appeared in ClipTrap's window to be saved, deleted, or appended. The Append feature is particularly useful. ClipTrap's Options let you append new text to the top or bottom of existing files. All you have to do is copy text, click "Append," and browse to a saved file. ClipTrap automatically appends the new text to the file. How cool is that? ClipTrap probably isn't the first choice for most Windows users. But if automatically appending delimited text sounds awesome, ClipTrap is waiting.

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