Review: Manage active applications and their CPU usage with System Lens for Mac

Monitor which apps are heavy on your system resources and end tasks and programs you no longer need running.

System Lens for Mac allows you to keep an eye on applications that are currently running on your computer and the level of system resources they use. Its most useful feature, though, is the ability to instantly kill problematic apps that are using a high percentage of your Mac's resources.

System Lens for Mac installs directly in the Mac Menu Bar. The application functions as an intuitive task manager with a well-contrasted and streamlined interface. We ran this app while having multiple other applications active and all these displayed with their respective icons showing as either high, medium, or low processes currently active. This is nice if you only want a basic overview of resource usage. However, we definitely missed the option to check exactly just how much certain programs hog our system. Killing a program from the application's interface is accomplished with just a couple of clicks on the selected program. Advanced filtering options and settings, such as global cutoff limit and custom threshold limit, are available via the Settings menu. During our tests, the application performed well, displaying all running tasks on our Mac and killing each without a delay when selected. Since the application checks your CPU usage regularly, it does take up some of its own to operate. While we had it running, it constantly used around ten percent of our CPU.

System Lens for Mac's streamlined interface and reliable performance will be useful to any novice user looking for an easy way to quickly manage tasks and running apps. However, more advanced users may want to look for leaner running options.

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