Review: Attachment Tamer for Mac makes it easier to add attachments to e-mails

Send e-mail attachments across different devices and operating systems more easily with this useful app.

Attachment Tamer for Mac makes Apple Mail attachments like photos and graphics easier to handle, and also uses HTML formatting to improve readability for recipients. A basic, accessible app, it does what it promises but it can be slightly annoying, at times. Still, it's worth trying out.

One of the first things that you notice about Attachment Tamer for Mac is a window soliciting the purchase of the full version of the app. This annoying window keeps reappearing each time you open the app, even if you've dismissed it before. The app doesn't have a feature-packed menu of its own but comes as an enhancement for Apple Mail, operating quietly in the background. To use it, you must select one of the preset options available in the Apple Mail preferences menu. The main attraction of the app is that it lets you control the way attached files appear in e-mails. For example, it can make large images display as small icons, making them easier to manage and view. This trick also works with video, PDF, and HTML files. During testing, the preferences selected worked properly, and image files attached to the e-mail did not display as a large photo, but rather a smaller icon, which was easier to place and manage.

Are you frustrated by the attachment features in Apple Mail? Attachment Tamer for Mac can enhance them, making file-handling easier, for you -- as well as for the recipient.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Attachment Tamer for Mac 3.1.13.

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