Review: Strava for Android is a serious app for serious runners

Strava is an elegant way to track your running performance and compare your stats with fellow runners.

Strava is a fitness tracking app that logs your runs and bike rides to track your performance. It lays out your routes, times, and elevation. Though the app makes a great personal fitness tracker, it works best as a companion to the main Web app, which syncs with your data and tracks your overall progress. One of the great aspects of Strava Run is the way it integrates socially; Strava's design encourages you to challenge yourself with various achievements and also compare your stats with other local Strava users. Challenges are updated frequently to give runners fresh incentives to continue pushing their limits and stay challenged through their runs.

  • Uncluttered interface, easy to swipe through detailed breakdowns of each run.
  • Motivational achievements, both personal and sponsored.
  • Map integration is great for discovering new running routes and popular check-ins.
  • Very approachable for both new and veteran runners.
  • If you're the type to fiddle with your music a lot, Strava has virtually no support for audio control.
  • Beyond achievements and comparing stats with other runners, there's not really any interactive incentives to socialize or connect with other runners.

Bottom line:

Strava is great for the no-nonsense runner who loves to track their performance stats in a clean, organized profile. It may not have any extra social features or other bells and whistles, but then again, that's not the main focus. Strava Run is a disciplined and polished utility that reflects focus on performance, both as an app and to the user.

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