Review: Hide - UnHide for Mac minimizes app windows, freeing up your desktop

Hide or show active app windows with this functional but rather clumsy app.

Hide - UnHide for Mac hides all running apps to clear your desktop, allowing you to easily access a shortcut or a file, and then just as quickly reopens them when you're done. Unfortunately, the program, itself, requires its own window to work, which is somewhat ironic.

Hide - UnHide for Mac features a basic window with two buttons. Press the first button and all other active app windows are minimized and the desktop is revealed. Press the second button and the windows are revealed again. That's about it. The problem with this app is that its own window has to remain open while the other windows are minimized, taking up a good portion of your desktop. A basic keyboard shortcut for hiding and unhiding windows would have made this app much more useful.

Overall, Hide - UnHide for Mac functions, as expected, minimizing active windows and making it easier for you to access your desktop. However, because it requires its own window and doesn't support a keyboard shortcut, it's not nearly as effective as it could have been. Still, if managing program windows is a nuisance for you, this app can help.

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