Review: Go Writer Lite for Mac makes note-taking faster and easier

Take notes and write text with this convenient word processor for your Mac.

Go Writer Lite for Mac helps you take notes, brainstorm ideas, and jot down your thoughts, easily. A basic word processor, it comes with a couple of interesting features that set it apart from other similar apps. If you're looking for a light text processing app, you'll like it, but be warned that you'll need to upgrade to the full version as this is just a free trial version.

While Go Writer Lite for Mac may not be stylish when it comes to its looks, the features redeem it. It comes with a draft board for typing and reworking sentences and ideas, the ability to quickly insert comments, graphics, and Web links into your documents and change the background color, a notepad for quickly taking notes, and even the option to add the sound of a typewriter to accompany your typing. On top of these options, you also get the basic and advanced text-formatting options you'd expect from an app of this kind. While not too visually appealing, the interface is well organized, resulting in a good user experience. Once your editing is done, you can save files in a number of formats, including Rich Text. A separate selection can be made to export to PDF, which is a choice available in most competing programs.

Overall, Go Writer Lite for Mac is a fully-functional word processor with nice features. There's a catch, though. The Lite version is only a free trial -- to get all the features you need to buy the full version.

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