Review: Delay Start for Mac can open any app at a predetermined time

Start apps automatically or delay apps from opening on their own using a timer.

Delay Start for Mac can start apps automatically, without your interaction, as well as delay apps from running on their own. It's a small and useful app with basic features and a plain interface that can turn out to be more useful than you thought, once you get used to it. It works as expected but suffers from some minor glitches.

Delay Start for Mac features a basic but streamlined interface that lets you adjust delay settings or view the remaining delay time. To set up a delay you have to click on the setting box and type the number of minutes until it expires, and then add or remove affected apps from the list displayed below. The handy "Cancel" button allows you to easily reset the timer. However, while testing the app, we couldn't really find a way to reset the app once the timer had expired or had been manually cancelled. The new apps that we'd added at that point did not restart the countdown, and we had to close the app and reopen it before we could set a new timer. Once the timer is active, though, the app works well, opening up or delaying apps as expected.

If you're willing to put up with some operational quirks now and then, you will find Delay Start for Mac a useful timer for opening other apps.

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