Review: iBolt Downloader is a video-focused downloading tool for iOS

Quickly snag videos from any Web site with this easy-to-use video downloading app.

Video Download - iBolt Downloader and Manager is iBolt's video-specific downloader tool, using the same proprietary browser and download interface for the iOS platform. For this reason, it works well, despite the lack of clear direction when setting it up and using it for the first time. For the more experienced user who is interested in downloading videos from the Internet to an iOS device, it is an effective, free tool.

After downloading and installing iBolt's Video Download, you can start browsing with its built-in browser. On the home screen you will find a number of FAQs that will answer questions about how to use the app, though again, a dedicated tutorial would have been more useful. After finding a site with a video on it, the browser lets you download that video to your device where you can catalog it, view it, or transfer it to a device through iTunes or Wi-Fi connection. The settings offer quite a few options, as well, so you can customize how videos are stored, sorted, and played -- all nice features.

While the ads and pop-ups in iBolt Downloader and Manager can be frustrating, at times, the app works well for a free one and the performance is solid. Downloads were quick, the playback had no issues, and moving between device and PC was easy. This app is a good fit for anyone tech savvy enough to use it without a dedicated user tutorial.

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