Review: Stencil Pic Unique Photo Framing App offers straightforward editing options

Create custom frames, collages, and more in this easy-to-use, but effective photo framing app.

Stencil Pic Unique Photo Framing App appears, at first glance, like another collage creation app for iOS, and for the most part it is, but there are enough other options and tools here to make it stand out from the pack. From the number of different types of frames to the smoothness of the interface and the addition of numerous editing options, the app provides quite a bit to work with when deciding how your images will be shared.

When you load the app, the first thing you will see are the set of stencils -- frames cut out like various shapes such as stars, circles, arrows, and more. You can choose a photo, line it up in the stencil frame, and then change the color and save it. But there are more options from here. You can then choose multiple images in a collage, edit the photos with Aviary, share them to numerous social networks, or tweak them on the screen. It's not an exceptionally deep app, but it's free, fast, and it goes well beyond what some other free apps offer.

Stencil Pic Unique Photo Framing App is very much like other free photo editing and framing apps, but it combines enough features to stand out as a more useful free app than others in the field. There are some stencils and features locked by the trial restrictions, but most of the tools here are free and they work quite well -- making this app a generally good download for your phone.

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