Review: Spy Eyes allows you to peek in on hundreds of security cameras, worldwide

Choose a country and a location in that country for a "spy eye" live view.

Spy Eyes allows you to view the output of hundreds of security and public cameras streaming live from around the globe. That alone makes it a decent app; but with some serious interface concerns, the app is a lot more complicated to use than it should be.

When you load up Spy Eyes, you are shown a list of countries along with the number of cameras available in each of them. The majority of smaller countries have one or two cameras to choose from, but bigger countries like the U.S. and the U.K. have hundreds, each. Tap any of these countries and you'll be given a list of locations to choose from. This is one of the biggest problems of the app -- the locations appear randomly listed. They are not in any sort of order we could discern and there is no option to filter them or search for a specific camera. It's fun to look through them and see how traffic is moving in Philadelphia or Portland, Oregon, but without a way to sort them, you'll struggle to find a specific city in that long list.

There are few other features here. Find the city, tap it, and you can watch that live feed. The coolness factor lasts for a bit, but at a certain point, Spy Eyes only facilitates watching security cameras that are freely available online. There are few additional tools, no buttons to favorite or save certain cameras, and poor search options. It's fun to play with, but ultimately Spy Eyes is not very useful.

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