Review: Share Memo is a slick, multiplatform note-taking and sharing tool

Create and share notes with anyone from your iOS device with this unique note-taking tool.

Share Memo is designed to create notes that are compatible with every major note sharing service, and it does so very well. While there are some issues with clarity when you first open the app and the startup time can be long, the feature set is solid, everything moves fluidly, and there were no hiccups during our tests -- even when adding and sharing photos to various cloud services.

Share Memo doesn't quite fit in with the new iOS 7 visual style. This is very much a product of the old style of iOS, in which apps emulated the function they performed. So the background is a stippled blue notebook and there are buttons that look like they belong in a day planner. That's not a problem, though, because the graphics are nicely crafted and it all works so well together. In fact, without that attention to detail you probably wouldn't know what each button does because nothing is clearly labeled. This is a good app, though, allowing you to take notes and add photos, quickly tap to add the date, time, check boxes, and more, and share to social media and cloud storage, alike, including Google Drive and Evernote.

If you are looking for a note-taking tool that can interact with all of the major note-taking services and cloud document storage solutions, Share Memo is a good one. It's fast and easy to use, but it's also fairly powerful, giving you a range of functions to choose from when crafting new notes.

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