Review: Scribble It 2 offers drawing tools in three colors on a plain white background

This easy-to-use drawing tool is light on features but is easy to use and fast to set up.

Scribble It 2 is a drawing pad for your iPhone with few features but a decent interface that works fast. While it won't win any awards for drawing capacity on a touch screen, it's not trying to; by offering a stripped-down feature set, it allows you to easily draw something very quickly or handwrite a message you can then share with friends in limited ways from the in-app menus.

The app opens to a white screen on which you'll find three pen colors and an erase button. Hold the erase button to clear the screen or tap it and you can use the eraser to rub out any text or lines you don't want there. You can then select a pen and draw onscreen. Everything is on one screen so creating an image is relatively easy, and while things like shapes, colors other than black, red, and blue, and stickers or special effects are missing, for those that want to draw something basic, this is a good app for it. Sharing is only by SMS or e-mail, which is disappointing, when you consider how streamlined Facebook and Twitter integration are -- but they both work well.

Scribble It 2 is very basic in its features and execution but that makes it very easy to use. Supported by ads at the top, the menus and tools take up little space so you won't notice the lost space. Overall, while not as powerful as other free drawing apps, Scribble It 2 works well for what it promises.

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