Review: Posegram is a photo sharing service for selfies and portraits on iOS

Take self-pictures and share them with friends with this easy-to-use social app.

Posegram combines the popularity of photo networks like Instagram with a selfie- and portrait-focused community to create a social experience on the iOS platform. Photos on the service are almost entirely self-portraits and posed shots; and with advanced tagging, rating systems, and the ability to share far more text than some other photo networks, it is a well-developed and easy-to-use service.

When you open Posegram for the first time, you can connect with Facebook or you can create a new account without social integration. E-mail is not required so you can create an anonymous account if you want, but a password will be required and your account will be tied to your device. From there you can start adding new poses from your own device or you can sort through those of other users. You can follow any user as you would in Instagram, but again almost all photos are poses. The result is a microscopic breakdown of various types of different photos that are often common to popular sharing networks.

Posegram runs fast, offers dozens of useful features, and works seamlessly fast on the iPhone and iPad. It's a great app that was designed for speed and efficiency, and yet it understands the goals of its target audience, allowing for custom tagging that then organizes photos into sets broken up by gender, location, activity, and more. For those that take a lot of posed photographs, it's a great tool.

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