Review: Pic Slice Free Picture Collage has a lot of tools and a handful of issues

Choose photos and collage frames to create a unique, sharable image with friends.

Pic Slice Free Picture Collage has a lot of great features, but is severely bogged down in some cases by a clunky interface and frequent interruptions from ads and other menus. The result is a bittersweet experience that feels as though it could be brilliant if more work were put into the execution of certain functions.

Within 30 seconds of opening Pic Slice for the first time there is a pop-up onscreen asking you to rate the app and then to upgrade. That theme continues throughout your use of the app, with frequent reminders and pop-up ads. Ads will also pop up with a two to three second delay on new screens, so you can accidentally tap an ad when trying to open a photo library or choose a frame. The core functions of the app, despite the interface and pop-up ads, are all well implemented. The collage options are creative and easy to use, the number of editing options is fantastic, and the menus slide in and out with style. From background textures to frame colors and special effects, there is a lot here to play with.

If you have the patience for it, Pic Slice Free Picture Collage can create some very good looking collages and images on your iOS device. The ads and pop-ups can be frustrating, and there are some issues with the execution in the menus, such as buttons not working right unless you've loaded something else beforehand. But, overall, this is a good, free collage creator with just a couple of small issues.

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