Review: PhotoStackr for Facebook creates an interface for customizing/saving photos

View, save, and share Facebook photos from a single interface with this iOS app.

PhotoStackr for Facebook allows you to organize and access Facebook Photos on your account with ease from your iOS device. Integrating deeply with your Facebook account, pulling photos from both yours and your friends' accounts, and allowing you to create stacks where photos can be saved based on any number of criteria, this is a sort of local organizational solution for all those social pics you have floating around out there.

When you open PhotoStackr for Facebook, you'll be prompted to connect with Facebook. After doing so, the app will automatically populate a number of fields with your photos and those of the people you are connected to. At any time, you can open one of these menus and see the photos or you can go to the stacks menu and start organizing your photos according to the criteria set onscreen or any others you come up with. The app is loaded with options and while there are no clear tutorials up front, you probably won't need them because of how intuitive the interface generally is.

If you have a lot of photos in your Facebook account, especially if you upload them from your phone and they end up in the eponymous "iOS Photos" folder, PhotoStackr for Facebook is a useful tool. Because it is designed so well, it offers a very powerful way to sort and view photos from your Facebook Profile on the go.

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