Review: Photo Quilt creates fast woven images from the photos on your device

Choose a frame and color and then add your photos for fast framed collages.

Photo Quilt is yet another entry in the crowded, framed photo collage creator genre, but it streamlines the process in such a way that it can be a very useful tool for anyone that creates a lot of these collages to share. The app strips out a lot of common options offered by others in the category, but it makes it so you can create a framed collage in less than 30 seconds and share it with friends. It's a great tool because of its speed, alone.

When you open the app, you can tap one of two buttons onscreen to get started. The frame button will change the frame color and the camera button will load images from your photo library. Choose as many photos as you want and the app will load them all at once in a comparably sized collage. You can then choose from one of a number of options at the bottom of the screen to adjust the layout of the framed collage or use the scramble button to randomly move where the photos are. From there, you're ready to share. After one or two uses, we were able to put together new, framed collages and share them in less than 30 seconds -- the app is that fast.

What Photo Quilt lacks in features, it makes up for in speed and efficiency. It's a great app for those that have a very basic need and don't want to sift through all the extra editing menus, stickers, and colored frames to get their images out to Facebook and friends.

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