Review: MyPermissions shows you exactly who can see your personal data

Scan and see who can access your data on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

MyPermissions provides a very useful service, checking to show you which apps have access to your information in popular social networks, though it does suffer from some slowdown issues. Tapping into the APIs of so many big social networks can take time, and because it does it directly, not through the iOS API integration, it takes a while to load, at times; but the functions it offers are very useful.

When you load MyPermissions for the first time, you must select which social networks you want to scan. There are a lot here to choose from, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Yahoo!, and a few others. You'll need to log in to each of these but when you do and hit the scan button, you can see every app that you are currently authorizing to access your information. The major issue we found was with load time. The app would hang, at times, when trying to access a service and there were long pauses between starting and running a scan. Even an animation onscreen to show progress would have mitigated the wait to some degree.

Despite the slowdown, MyPermissions provides a very useful tool for anyone not sure exactly how many apps they have authorized to access their personal data over the years. It's a great way to clean up the number of services connected with your social media accounts and it is generally very easy to use.

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