Review: My Heart Camera is fun, useful, and loaded with thematic charm

Create filtered photos with custom stickers and effects in this exceptional, free photo editor for iOS.

My Heart Camera, at least on paper, is just another free photo editor, but in practice it is so much more -- offering numerous, colorful options to play with. The hand-drawn style, combined with a very definite heart theme, makes for an app that goes above and beyond what most basic photo editors offer; and for those that enjoy the theme, this is a great app.

The app opens the same as any other photo editing app. There is a camera button and a photo library button. Once you have a photo open and onscreen, however, you can start editing and there are quite a few options to choose from here. With numerous filters, each of which looks unique and high quality, along with options like photo layering, and a nice little library of hand-drawn clipart and stickers that fit the theme of the app, there are a lot of ways you can customize your app. The interface is clean and well organized and at any time all the buttons are right there onscreen. Even the sharing menu fits the theme with hand-drawn social buttons.

My Heart Camera is a fun, easy-to-use free photo editing app that looks very good and operates nearly as well. It's not the best editing app on the App Store, but with the attention to detail that's been given here, it's a good download for anyone seeking a new free photo editor for their iPhone or iPad, and with rare onscreen ads, you'll forget it's a free app.

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