Review: Multi Edit Free is a powerful, feature-rich contact manager for iOS

Back up, merge duplicates, and manage your contacts with this exceptional contact management tool.

Multi Edit Free is more than just another free contact manager -- it is a multifunctional replacement for your default contacts app and it works very well. From the moment you open it and it walks you through the process of backing up and merging contacts, to the clean, easy-to-navigate menus of the home screen, there is a lot to like about Multi Edit Free.

The setup process for Multi Edit Free is designed to move quickly and without any issues. Every screen is a single step with very clear instructions. So you'll import contacts, back them up (choosing where you want to save them), and then merge any duplicate entries. Some of the duplicates the app found were not actually duplicates, but this is a common issue seen in many contact managers. From there you can manage your contacts, check accounts, sort by filters, create new groups, or perform the merge and backup functions again. Every major function is on the home screen, and yet the app never feels cluttered or overwhelming. The interface isn't exceptional, but it works very well and fits the theme of the app.

Multi Edit Free is a free app but for all intents and purposes it offers every major function you could want, without any ads or other pop-ups to slow down or infringe upon the use of the app. Combined with the seamlessly fast setup process and the number of functions built into the app, Multi Edit Free is a fantastic example of how to provide enhanced tools for the existing features in iOS.

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