Review: Kamio allows you to dress up photos of yourself using themed graphics

Travel back in time, dress up for world holidays, or hide in plain sight with this unique photo editing app.

Kamio is a very unique, free photo editing app, providing a number of tools to transform your selfies into any number of different styles and appearances. What really makes Kamio stand out, though, is the number of options it provides. With separate "kams" for each style and dozens of components you can download in those kams to transform your photos, there is an ever-expanding range of options to make custom photos.

When you load Kamio, you can choose from a number of different kams (there were 10 at the time of our testing). You are then prompted to take a photo and match up the components that will be edited in that photo (most often someone's face). From there the app will download a number of components for editing that image and you can start making changes, adding glasses and mustaches for old-timey looks, face paint and flowers for a "dia de los muertos" style, or sparkles and rainbows for "A Summer of Love" look, among others. Each theme is unique and offers a range of options for how to showcase your editing skills. The interface here is straightforward, offering menus for each new item you can add, and sharing when done is a snap.

Kamio is a fun idea that is well executed in almost every way. There are 10 kams as of writing this, but with a growing range of options and community functions, Kamio stands to be a fantastic photo editing tool that will be a lot of fun for nearly anyone to experiment with.

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