Review: InstaText Free preps your photos for Instagram with editing/filtering options

Customize and adjust your photos for Instagram by adding text, frames, stickers, and more.

InstaText Free allows you to customize your photos in a number of ways before uploading them to Instagram, adding text to the photo, choosing frames and stickers, or layering new filters over the top. The result is a fairly robust photo editing app that, while not entirely unique, offers enough features to stand out among the litany of other free apps currently on the App Store.

When you start InstaText Free for the first time, you can select a photo or take a new one. From there you can start editing immediately. The main function of this app is to add text to the screen, so you can place your text, change the font color and type, and then adjust the size. That alone is a useful tool with the Instagram context, but InstaText also includes frames, stickers, blurring effects, filters, and more. You can tweak your images in a number of different ways to ensure they look just right before exporting them for upload. The interface is very similar to other photo editors, so while it is easy to use, it does take up a fair amount of screen real estate, but it never freezes or hangs and everything is where you expect it to be.

InstaText Free has a single ad bar at the bottom and no pop-ups so it doesn't impact performance, though the size of the editing screen is smaller. Nonetheless, there are enough functions here and they work well enough that we would recommend this app to anyone who needs a photo editor for their Instagram photos, especially if they want to add text.

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