Review: Hours Keeper tracks clients, hours worked, and future invoices

Actively track and invoice for hours worked in this freelance/contractor-friendly app.

Hours Keeper is an easy-to-use app for tracking hours when on the job, including client, hours, and invoice recording functions. While not a full-blown invoicing solution, Hours Keeper is very easy to use and even supports multiple-client tracking at once, so you can always stay on top of your hours worked and bill accurately when finalizing an invoice.

The first step after downloading Hours Keeper is to add a client. You can add as many clients as you want, but before you track hours, you need at least one. This is not a CRM, however, so the only information you will enter for your clients is their name and the hourly rate you charge them. You can then clock in or clock out. When clocked in, the app will keep track of your hours and show you how much you've made in that time. At any time, you can see your current Pay Period, Invoices, and Reports -- allowing you to give instant quotes to clients when they need to know how many hours you have. It's also a great way to see them all in aggregate to get a snapshot of your financial situation for any given time period. Everything you need is on one screen with a handful of options in the settings, including export to CSV, back up and restore, and passcode locking. The interface is perfect for what this app offers.

Hours Keeper is a fantastic app that will work perfectly for freelancers, contractors, or hourly employees who work offsite or at home. The ability to track time easily on your phone will make managing your invoices and accounts that much easier.

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