Review: Happy Fish Dream Aquarium is a fun fish raising game

Raise fish, feed them, and harvest gems in this fun, but at first frustrating iOS game.

Happy Fish Dream Aquarium is very similar to farming, city building, and other simulation games for iOS but in a massive aquarium setting. The result is cute, free flowing, and loaded with charming options for how to feed, raise, and grow your fish. There are some small issues with the setup, but nothing that keeps it from being generally enjoyable.

The first thing you must deal with is setup time. After downloading the app, a series of two updates were required to start it, the first of which took more than 10 minutes. Between downloading the app and starting play, we spent nearly 15 minutes with the app open, restarting it twice, before getting to the game menu. Once you reach the game, however, everything runs very smoothly, so those updates are presumably a necessary sacrifice. As with other city-builder-style games, players will feed their fish, harvest resources from them, and then use those resources to add things to their aquarium or add new fish. The process is quick; and with tasks given to you by the game, you'll never get lost in the menus. In fact, we were very impressed with the interface here, one of the nicer ones we've seen in this type of game.

If you ignore the setup time and the at-times slow loading times when opening the app, Happy Fish Dream Aquarium is a great game. It's fun, lighthearted, runs smoothly, and has a perfect level of complexity and ease of access in the interface for younger players. This is a good game overall -- with just one glaring issue that will hopefully be resolved in future editions.

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